Guys and Girls I seriously need help!!!?

This may sound a bit confusing but bare with me please. Ok so there's this guy name KM, me and him have been talking for over 2years now. But it been off and on, I never wanted to take him serious because of his background and him being a player. So I was always guarded, but as time went on my guard came down and I started to like him. It got to the point where he actually wanted to be in a relationship and even told him he love me. (Everyday through out the day) which could've have been game because he knew I was a virgin. Now after a while I started to lose interest and didn't want to be bothered because I started to notice him talking to other people. I didn't have a problem with him talking to other people it's just that he lied to me about it even when I showed him proof. So after that I cut off all commuincation with him.

After a while I met this guy name SS we became friends and there was an overwhelming instant attraction between us two. When went out for a date and when he dropped me off home we kissed, a sweet sensual kiss. But I had to stop because I'm a virgin, and I felt the need to tell him. After I told him he didn't believe me at first which was odd, but then he stopped and stared at me for a minute and said I was very rare. The problem is now is I don't talk to him either like that anymore because he's been flirting. I'm sure it's probably because I'm a virgin and I'm not willing to have sex with somebody that's not my boyfriend. But the humiliating thing about all this is recently KM called me about SS, asking if we talked, and I denied it because we haven't talked, and KM then told him I was a liar and pretty much called me all types of name. My question is what should I do? Why do you think SS told him we talk? What's his motive?

I'm so confused I don't know what to do, and it's not like I had sex with either of them so what's the real reason. Please help :(


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  • KM still likes you. That's the only thing that's certain from your story. SS may or may not still like you.

    SS is probably friends with KM and was just talking about this great woman he just met. There was probably no malice on SS's mind. There's a good chance he had no idea KM knew you.

    If you still like SS, talk to him about it. He'll probably tell you all there is to know.


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