Ladies how do you feel about your boyfriend having a lot of female friends?

My boyfriend seems to have a lot of female friends... he's the first guy I've dated who is like that and I'm trying to not be jealous.. He does have guy friends too, and he's very social/likes to go out a lot to bars and drink... I'm not gonna lie, the female friends in addiction to the going out is kinda annoying even though he seems very devoted to me.
PS - I have met them all. Should I worry?


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  • Mine one did not consider this a problem.


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  • Almost all of my friends are guys and my boyfriend handled it really well. He knew I would be loyal to him and that my guy friends are strictly friends. If you are sure you can trust him, don't worry about it. If you aren't, talk to him about it.

    • I feel like talking to him about it is risky... I don't wanna intrude on his friendships that were there before me... and another thing is: if he were to tell any of them that I was feeling jealous, they would look at me as some insecure bitch and never get close to me... and I'm not sure if I trust him not to tell them. He's really close with a few of them.

    • Then I'm not sure what to tell you. Maybe you should try to get some good friendships with them and then talk to him about it if you feel the need. I see what you mean by feeling like intruding, which is something you shouldn't have to worry about. I think... see how things go with being friends with them and go from there.
      Is that any help?