My best friend makes me feel awful about the people I date?

Every time I like someone, she fucks it up for me. Sure, I've had some shitty relationships in the past, and all of them she's made fun of our relationship. My last boyfriend, we broke up a year ago and I've known him for awhile, while we dated she always claimed he was "annoying" and "we didn't seem like we were dating" guess what? Now she likes him. (She asked him out and said no) and now I really like my bf though we'very only been going out for a month and he hasn't dated for awhile so he's a bit shy but we talk, hug, sometimes kiss but we're not on top of each other 24/7. Yet she makes fun of him and judges our relationship and she just had a break up and her relationship had gone down hill (maybe she's jealous idk) what do I do?


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  • She's jealous of your time not being focused on her

  • Then she's not your best friend.


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