Any adviceGirls ask guys?

Can you be friends with an old crush?(not an ex)


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  • I dont see anything wrong with that, go for it


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  • That is a question you need to ask yourself, and it also depends on the situation. I've remained friends with a few people I've crushed on, but in some situations I haven't. For example, I was hanging out with this guy from work after our shifts ended, and he suddenly cut me off for MONTHS! When he finally got over himself, he simply said "it was going too fast" (even though we hadn't even expressed romantic feelings, kissed, etc - I knew he had been in a bad breakup and was keeping it platonic) so I found it hard to stay friends after he hurt me like that. But to answer your main question, as long as you can keep your feelings under control, and neither of you have hurt the other, I don't see why not.

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