Has she just lost interest in me?

there is this girl in my English class that I have been crushing on for a while.

we are friends. everyday in English class she would come and sit next to me after the teacher gets done talking.

we would just hang out in class and talk about... stuff friends talk about I guess.

we actually went and hung out just me and her and went to the movies like 2 weeks ago.

she came and sat next to me in English class like a week ago and we just did what we normally do. talk about stuff and laugh.

all last week she hasn't came and sat next to me. she just sits in her assigned seat.

I just figured she wasn't in a good mood so I haven't gone and talked to her at all.

but she just sits there and doesn't look at me or talk to me at all.

she has actually started going and sitting next to her other friend in class (her other friend is female)

we haven't gotten into a fight or an argument at all. she has just stopped talking to me

is she playing hard to get, is she upset about something, or has she just lost interest?

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  • Upset about something, go talk to her
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  • Upset about something, give her some space
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Holly crap batman, it could be any of those but lets see...

    She has already sat down by you so we could rule out playing hard to get.
    -Upset, maybe and maybe has nothing to do with you actually.
    -It has been a week already and I say it is safe for you to ask if something upset her. If she says no, ask her if she's sure about it. (Avoid asking if she's sure a second time)
    -She may have expected more from you and moved on, I don't know, being asked on a date or something.

    And third, she's a girl and girls have periods. Sometimes it really affects their mood and they turn into someone else.

    • the period one actually sounds probable. I already asked her on Facebook if she's okay, she saw the message and didn't reply

    • Periods last a whole week so it's still time.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, I think you should talk to her.

    If you think she was interested before she probably still is- she might just be waiting for you to make a move. I've been in a similar situation (as the girl, of course) and I was too shy to be the one to approach him first, which is silly now that I think back. We didn't talk for about a week because he thought I was ignoring him, when really I was just waiting for him to talk to me first. So just go for it, talk to her.

    • Although if, when you talk to her, you get the vibes that she's not interested anymore (doesn't smile a lot and laugh, seems generally uninterested) you should probably just back off. Girls are complicated, sorry you have to deal with us.

    • lol thanks for the help.

What Guys Said 2

  • This sounds really familiar, at least up through going to see a movie. A girl I was friends with was like that and then I found out she just wanted to be friends. Ask her what's up with English, do you have her number?
    Also, was the movie a date?

    • unfortunately the movie was just hanging out as friends. I don't have her number but I'm friends with her on Facebook. I messaged her and asked her if she's okay, she saw the message but didn't reply

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    • thanks man

    • no problem, hope it works out

  • Yes indeedy.

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