Should I let them know?

Okay I recently started two friends with benefits relationship, no dating and really no communication (one of them like to send out occasion texts), just sex every time we meet up (perfectly fine with me). I use condoms for both oral and penetration sex and is disease free.

Should I let them know that I'm sleeping with other people, or shouldn't it comes expected since we no more than fuck buddies.


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  • No, you're adults, whom you have sexual relationships with is your business and you are beholden to no one if social and sexual monogamy has not been agreed to, you do have the option to tell your partners but that can lead to jealousy and complications for both sexes especially if they're uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

    The only polite thing to do would be in the case you do get an STD/STI or UTI (also BV I suppose) so they can also get checked, condoms and/or dental dams are only so effective. Not that I use either, ever.

    Also, while I'm pro-protection for other people:

    >Using a rubber/dental dam for oral


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  • Always let them know if you're slutting around with other people. The thought of a girl being with someone else before me is kind of gross.

  • there is a difference between friends with benefits and FB relationships and both require commitment. (so there is no disease or doubt spread) Don't let them know anything but I recommend dropping one. if its just sex you are in an FB relationship, not FWB.. an friends with benefits is still there outside closed doors.
    both ways, you still have to drop one, and keep your mouth shut.


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