Is it better to ask or tell a girl you want to be in a relationship with her?

yeah that one question , all men fear and we never know on how to ask. some say its just better to tell her what you want,

im about to do this, but its hard, i really deeply love her, and i want to ask her, but i dont think asking her is the right way. I want to more or less say it in short sentence...


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  • For one you have to ask her... telling her is like saying she has no choice.. when my recent guy wanted to be with me we just started hanging out more and it became easier to get the hint of where it was heading.. he finally gave me a bouquet of flowers and asked if I wld be his. . soo sweet

    • :) that sounds nice, well its hard if the girl isn't really romantic. Im thinking about making it into a little game, with notes or just something she will find amusing and worthy of remberence. i saw many cool & funny ideas. i love to see her smiling, so i want to do it on a way no other guy ever did, that makes me stand out from the rest,

    • Aww that's so sweet.. id be impressed.. personalizing it and thinking outside the box is always a plus

    • i know exactly what im going to do, im gonna buy a t shirt and print or write a text on it, asking her'' will you be my girl ( friend ) then 3 check marks , saying Yes, Yes, and a small No check mark. ill pull the shirt on underneed a sweater, and hand her over a red marker or lipstift, then pull out my sweater and make her choose:)

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  • I would casually mention that you aren't seeng anyone else right now, and ask if she is. You should be able to make your next move from there. This is a timely question that lacks the "put her on the spot by declaring yourself" feel.

  • Id rather someone ask, than beat around the bush, cos by just telling her you are no further foward. If you just tell her, you will be left hanging in th air, not knowing what to do or day next, if she feels the same, she will be expecting you to then ask her out, at least if you ask her you will know where you stand, cos she can only say yes, or no. If you tell her and she likes you, then your next step would be to ask her out anyway, so just be straight and open, and ask her,

    • true, i want an answer from her, and i will tell her, that i really like her, and if she wants to be my girl. so we can take things slowly, all i ask from her, is her commitment. she has my loyalty

    • Yeah that will be best to do tell her hos you feel, then ask her to be your gf , im sure she will say yes, good luck

  • You can't tell her, I mean really how is that going to go? You "hey you are now my girl!" Her "I'm whaat you say? your girl, you dog!" seriously would you let someone tell you what your relationship status is. if you are uncomfortable asking her what she wants and where she sees your relationship then you are to young and/or immature to have a relationship.

    • wow dont be so rude, i dont mind asking the question but every girl is different, how can you even call immature. This girl just had a misscariage, she was pregnant from me, and i love this girl but she is a single mom who also loves to be independent, and for good reason. She is a single mom, i want to commit myself to her, and have a child with her, she is the only one i want, i love this girl to death. so stop calling me immature , call me considerate

  • You should be nice and give her the choice. Don't like tell her. That sounds mean.

    • i agree on that, but some people say its better to say, some women get turned on by that type of behavior, it doesn't come natural to me and im more about sincerity, but this girl is something different. romance isn't really her thing but she likes a good laugh, so thats what im planning to do. asking her, by making her smile,

    • I forgot to add that what I mean is if you are just telling her with no choice it's kind of maybe a turn off. And at the same time well it depends. Because I know like it's a little exciting to be controlled by a guy.

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  • "We are now exclusive?", while eating a snack together.

    • sounds ok, its really hard, just asking her, will you be me girlfriend, sounds kind of lame,

    • It is. Thus why you ask it in that way. It gives less of a generic feel. But honestly there's no way around it.

    • the snack is still too committal. just look at her and be like "so we going steady now or what?"

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