Women; why do you not send rejection messages?

I get that almost all of the guys that message you on online dating sites will be undesirable but why not respond with a polite rejection message? Why do women feel that it is ok to behave rude on online dating sites?


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  • "Want to go out for drinks at 7?" < Example of a message.
    I could not reply. The guy would forget he sent the message and continue on with his life, eventually forgetting he said anything at all.

    "Hi, thanks for the message. I'm sorry, I'm not interested. Have a good one!" < I used to send replies like this. What would happen would be:

    1. "Fuck you, shallow bitch!/You're ugly as fuck anyways!" Or a variant.
    2. "Why? Just come out with me/You don't know me."

    3. Normal dude accepts and aborts mission/doesn't reply. We're fine.

    Now let me tell you there are a lot more of 1. and 2. than 3. on dating sites. If I'm not interested, I wouldn't want to waste anymore of your time (or mine), and that way I can avoid the angry manchildren.

    • Interesting. 1 and 2 are destroying online dating as far as I am concerned. I am a 3 and done with online dating because nothing ever seems to come of making any effort what so ever.

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    • Sadly not for men. When you are the one who has to make the advance it is detrimental to have a larger dating pool. It is also detrimental for rejection to be so easy as ignoring a two to one sentence message.

    • I agree totally.

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  • whats the point? what would be rude would be if the girl sent a rude message back like "hell no I would never talk to you because your ugly". if I ignore your message get over it. what do you need a rejection message for, would that change anything?

    if she sent a rejection message, would you reply back to the message or would you be "rude" and ignore it? if you did reply, at what point do you think the correspondence should end? the whole point of a dating site is to talk to the people u wanna talk to. so if she doesn't want to talk to you whats the point of her talking to you?

    • Imagine that you physically walked up to someone with the intent to start a conversation and they completely ignore you. How would you feel. Just think for a moment how rude that actually is.

    • I wouldn't just approach a guy cold like that. if you make eye contact and smile before you approach u can tell whos interested and whos not

  • why respond and be mean why not just leave it as ignored. thats mean too but would you rather get rejected like nah that face just doesn't do it for me or would you rather be ignored i feel like rejections are worse then being ignored but what ever. next time they blow you off just be like at least reject me properly. lol


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  • I feel the same way. They don't want to hurt your feeling but they end up doing it anyways. But at least it's easier that way and they don't have to give you any reason. I'm guilty of this myself... I feel bad but I don't want to know how bad I hurt them you know.

  • I do online dating and I don't consider it rude if a woman doesn't reply to my initial contact.

  • It doesn't bother me if they don't. Most guys send messages to lots of women to increase their odds of a girl saying yes, so the guys is unlikely to remember the girl anyway. If you have your heart set on one particular girl so bad that it upsets you that she didn't reply then you are fixating too much on her.

    • That comment was full of assumptions. No, I just would like it if women put equal effort into this.

    • That is why I used words like "most, unlikely" and "If".