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Ok, so I met a guy at a friends party whom I had noticed about a few times before because he was really quite good looking. Anyway we exchanged numbers and such but were both a little drunk, he said to me before the end that he never text girls blah blah which in my opinion is rubbish but I didn't think anything too much about it. He didn't text me the next day so I did the day after that and we were texting a little bit. However he didn't get in touch with me for a few more days so I deleted his number thinking it was all more trouble than it was worth,but he got in touch yesterday and was really friendly and flirty and the annoying thing is I really like him- he is funny and hot and everything I like in a guy. So..am I to take from this behavior that he is not really interested and leave it? or are guys sometimes like that (I haven't met any yet which is why I am confused) or should I bite the bullet and ask if he maybe wants to do something sometime after all its the only way to know and you only live once? I am really confused- please help!

Hey, I decided to leave it as was. I met him again and he was with another girl and then proceeded to text me saying that he had been asleep that night- suffice to say, not worth it and I will leave him to it. Thanks though ;)


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  • i have been out drinking before and have talked to girls and not wanted anything sexual from them but they were fun to be around so I gave them my number. it could be that he doesn't want to seem like the type of guy that only wants you for sex and may have flirted the other day to show you that he still had an interest in you and wanted to take it a little slow and get to know you. I can also tell you that I almost always communicate via text but will only text if someone texts me first.


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  • I could tell you right now I've had experience with this and when you meet a guy when you are drunk or hang out with him while your drinking he is looking for one thing a hookup. Guys know that they could get into a girls pants if they get them real drunk so that's what most try to do. When you meet a guy while you are drinking it is never a good thing because all of your senses are not there and I know that guys I like when I'm drunk I would never even look at sober and things seem to happen that you will regret later. If you wanna talk more or hear my story then just message me!

  • i think you should be careful whether he's one of those guys who just flirts a lot with girls, and leads them on. otherwise, if you haven't been talking to him long enough, then you should wait a bit until you get into planning to hang out.

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