How to ask this girl to prom & build up to it?

Hi, so I eventually want to ask this beautiful girl out to prom. I have never asked a girl out to prom or even went to a dance before. I'm not socially awkward or anything for the most part. I'm slightly shy, I just havnt done the whole high school dance thing before.

So I know prom isn't for a while but I would like to build up to it so I know she likes me and I'll know she will say yes and possible be her boyfriend if everything works well.

I really could use some help on getting this girl to like me :) We are both seniors and have been friends for a few months now. We small talk to each other in a daily basis but how would move this friendship to the next level? What should I do to let this girl to let her know I like her without just telling her all at once one day?

I would really aprecaite some real help from you fellow GAG'ers. Thanks!


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  • Time goes by quickly, sweetie, and no time like the present to start Now By-----Building up to it.
    Rome wasn't built in a day as we all know. However, even if you are this shy guy, you Need to First before Anything, Start talking more turkey with her and begin your beguine by having More in store with Convos with her. Open lines of communication are one of the most important factors in starting even a friendship. If she sees you are making this attempt, by her reciprocating and you seeing for yourself that there might be some chemistry, will determine whether or not you can dance her off her feet in time for the Big Night.
    With Thanksgiving vacation right around the corner, better start tomorrow. Time is of the essence and the next thing you know, Christmas and the holidays and more time off of school will be here... maybe you can work too on getting her number.
    There are no guarantees in life but death and taxes. You can't push a button to make someone be your girlfriend or like you back. But you Do have the ability to at least give it a shot and by this, i may not be just a Shot in the dark.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I'd ask her out on a date to get to know her. On a date you can ask her to the prom. Of course you take the risk of a date rejection. Or you could just come out, be direct and ask her to the prom. Listen, I don't like to beat round the bush, so that is what I'd do.

    Here is the bottom line. while you screwing around building up to your climax, some other guy will snatch her up and you will be left holding your dick in your hand. There are no guarantees in life. Either method may fail or work... just flip a coin and pick one.

  • You need to ask her out sooner than later before you end up friendzoning yourself.