Guys!!! U see a girl u like all the time bt she is always with a guy who is gay would u approach her and ask her on a date?

The gay guy seems friendly bt protective of his friend would u ask her out on a date? Would it even matter that her friend is gay? why or why not. please explain.

  • I would approach her. don't care about if the friend is gay
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  • no I wouldn't approach her.
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  • I would approach her if she was with a female friend
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  • Hell all I would have to do is make friends with the gay guy and I'm in haha. Luckily I am a friendly non judgmental person


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  • Women tend to be seldom alone in my experience, so when i approach a woman with her friends its an extremely difficult task. I think i would actually be more confident if you were with your gay friend than a girl friend. Girls tend to shut me down as soon as i approach them if they are with their friends.
    Its annoying and guys get rejected all the time. I would love it if all women gave a guy a shot. but i am ranting now.

    • Im glad someone would bc in my experience no guys ever approach me when im with my gay bestie lol

    • lol i used to commute to lower Manhattan for work so i was always surrounded by gay people they don't affect me at all. It depends on where u live really. I guy who is comfortable and confident with himself will approach you with your friend.

  • There is this girl that is always hanging out with this gay guy. She is not bad, it would not affect me either way. Girls are always hanging with gay guys.

  • No. It's a well-known fact that women don't like to be approached by random men they don't know.

  • Gay or not, I'd want to establish the guy is a friend that does not want to get with her.

  • I don't approach women who are with their friends. It's rude.


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