Is he being jealous here?

I just don't get him !! We are seeing each other and the other night I went to a friends birthday meal this friend but all of us at work was invited. Today the guy I'm seeing seemed quiet so I texted to say hi and he started asking how my day was at work and did the guy I work with thanked me for coming the other night and did I buy him anything etc? I said no just a card , then he said what are you buying me? Jokingly ( so he says ) and I said why is it his birthday lol then he said no just for being nice , then he said just joking. Is he being jealous? He has said he can be :/ what do you think


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  • That could really go either way. Either he is actually being funny and just very confident in himself (sometimes people can't tell when I am joking for the same reason) but if this seems out of character for him to be joking in such a way, then he is jealous, which there is no reason for what so ever.

    If I had to take I guess, I am leaning towards jealous fro what you said. but who knows.

    • He hasn't messages all day and he usually does :/ first thing he asked was how was my day and did I buy him anything etc I feel confused ,

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    • Do you think he's just making conversation? And didn't mean it to come across in that way or?

    • I suppose just wait and see if he mentions it anymore, just a one of thing could be nothing. But from how I understand it, if he does not normally joke in this way, then he is jealous.

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