May I have a "Manspeak" interpreter please?

In the last month on two separate unrelated occasions two separate acquaintances, whom I found hot, made a point to tell me they were very single. Both then went on to tell me their last relationships were controlling, someone always asking them where they were, etc, that they had to get out and end the relationship. Then both men told me how much they loved being alone. I interpreted what they said to mean they would be interested in a hook-up, but not dating. Am I missing something here? Is this a common conversation?

Thank you both!!!
Again, thanks for all your answers. I did not initiate further conversation with either, other than being polite. Just kind of odd to hear the same story from two unrelated guys. Yeah, I appreciate where they are at but it's not for me. Thank you!!!


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  • You don't seem to be missing anything. They aren't looking for a relationship, but are interested in you sexually. They are just being upfront and honest about what they want.


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  • Yep, that's it, Honey. He's a player - or at least he wants to be. You don't need an interpreter, you got us down pat.

    Ditch him. You deserve better.

  • I think you've got it right. Occasional casual dating when it's good for the guy & "the hookup"


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