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I only want girl's opinions. I was seeing this girl for about six months. We started spending a lot of time together. We even built a friendship and a bond. We also work together so if really bothers me. She tells me I'm an amazing guy and everything had sex multiple times and she initiated it. She started inserting herself into life. She even went out to way to ask to make an impression on loved ones. Then when I started asking for a commitment she told me no basically. She also told me I deserve a better person than her. This confused me because she started acting like my girlfriend she would get upset if I didn't call, get frantic if she thought I was sleeping with other people, but just was not ready to commit. She was extremely pretty but always thought she wasn't. She always ask me why do I continuously keep a connection with her when she's messed up. It got to the point where I was falling in love with her but I told her I couldn't just be her friend because it would destroy if she found someone else. I told her she was everything I wanted in a woman and then she told me that we would be better off as friends. When I told her no she cried and asked me why? It still bothers me today. What was her problem? If I call or text she will answer but she will not text first. I even stop messing with her and she went through the trouble of asking what did she do and everything. Then it goes back to she doesn't want to commit


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  • Okay, so coming from a girl who asks the same questions, I think I can give you some help. Well, she might have some underlying things that make her feel like that. Depression, Anxiety, something like that. If you didn't say that y'all had messed around, then I would say self harm. But honestly, all you can do is just be there for her and try to get her to understand how you feel and what you want. but make sure tobe there for her and make srure that you listenn and try to understandher. But also respect her boundaries and questions and respect her feelings and what she is comfortable with telling you.

    • She even told me that she will never allow someone get close like me again? I don't get it. She also told me she needed me then when it got to commitment she quickly declined. She would call my phone drunk and tell me she loved me and she know I didn't love her. I just really cared about her and I can't be her friend cause I want more.

    • Well, maybe she is scared to get close to someone else like she did with you because she is afraid she will hurt them like she hurt you. I mean, it's hard with girls like us because we feel like you don't love us even when you do. and drunken calls are good sometimes. you are the only person on their mind even in that state. and i know you care about her lovie. it's extremely evident. maybe get some of her friends to help you. I mean, it's a sweet gusture that shows you are willing to put a lot of effort into getting her. and It will show you that you really do mean everything you say. :)

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