Does she like me? Should I ask her out?

Hello Folks,
I recently got on the lovoo dating app. I saw a Girl whom I really was/am interested in. I then wrote her on this app, telling her that she was beautiful and that I'd like to text a bit with her. I also mentioned that if she didn't want to she just had to tell me. She answered, saying "ahhhh thats so sweet thank you, how are you :)?"... From that Point on, I believe its been seven days ago, we got to know each other a Little bit more. About our Hobbies and Jobs. Last Thursday she asked me whether we could continue texting on whatsapp, so I gave her my number and answered to her last question on whatsapp. We've been writing up to Friday night and wished each other a good night on each evening when we were writing. She didn't text me on Saturday nore on sunnday. On sunnday evening I decided to ask her how her Weekend was. She told me that she didn't do much and asked about my Weekend. We talked about Shopping haha and she then told me that she was tired and wished me a good night. I wished her a good night too.
So todays Monday and ones again she hasn't written. I am not sure whether she's interested in and just wants me to text first.

I would really like to phone and ask her for a date/meetup. But I know that she had an Operation lately and that she had to stay at home until Wednesday so I won't be calling her before that day, even maybe some days later than that.

So what do you think. Does she like me? Cause I really do like her.

Thanks for your help ladies. :))


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  • Maybe she hasn't written back lately because she's busy? Give it a few days, and like you said, you should wait until Wednesday to call and ask for a date. I say, go on a few dates and then see if she's interested in you. So go ahead and ask her out. You have nothing to lose. At least she will know that you are interested and want to date her and get to know her in person. Maybe tell her how you feel. Be clear with her. That way, you will also find out if she has the same feelings for you. Communication is key. I hope this helped a little bit :)

    • Thanks Meg :) That helped. She just texted me today and we still seem to find new subjects to "talk" about. So I guess thats a good Point. Maybe I'll wait a bit longer than wednesay...
      Thank you for your help! :)

    • It's a pleasure :) glad it helped..

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