Why act like a boyfriend when all you want is to be friends with benefits (friends with benefits)?

He claims to like me, texts me good morning and good night and checks up on me everyday. He's always acting jealous and telling me how he likes me. Now after a lot of confusion he asks me if I want to be friends with benefits. I said no so now he won't even talk to me. He was always saying how I'm really attractive, smart and make him laugh and I could see him starting to bring up the conversation to make it official so I don't understand how he could go 180 on me. Maybe he thought flattering me was what was necessary to get sex? It's just weird since we both had a great time together and enjoyed each other's company.


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  • He is selfish and wants a harem. That is why he gets jealous but isn't willing to commit. He wanted a relationship with you where you are faithful to him but where he was free to have sex with other women.

    • Yes, that's what I'm thinking. He wants his cake and wants to eat it too. I was hoping he was different like he claimed he was. He was always saying he's not like other guys needing several girls to build his ego but I guess it wasn't really the truth.

    • I have found if someone feels the need to constantly tell you they aren't wanting to take advantage of you, then they most likely are wanting to take advantage of you.

    • So disappointing to hear that. Especially when I never put pressure on for a relationship or anything. I guess when he realized I wasn't just waiting around for him and dating other people he didn't like it.

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