Why did he push me away?

A guy I had been dating for about 2 months recently told me things weren't going to work because I wanted a more serious relationship than him. Things were going great until of a shake up at work and now he thinks he might leave his job. I never told him I wanted a serious relationship, I just felt frustrated because I was making time in my busy schedule for him and he would not do the same for me. Towards the end I was trying to be accomadating and rearranging my schedule to meet his, but he wouldn't respond with a "what about this day" just a "no, I'm busy" on days I would ask him to hang out. Up until two-ish weeks ago, after everytime we met he sent me texts about how great it was to meet me and how he looked forward to our next date. He even mentioned how around Christmas we should go on an ice skating date. I am just confused how we got from having a good time together to him feeling like he didn't want to be in a serious relationship? He said in the past how when he broke up with his girlfriend from college it was because he was feeling unstable about his career and his future but that it wasn't fair to her and he tends to push people away when he goes through a crisis. I'm just confused and a bit upset because I feel like he led me on.


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  • He did lead you on, from your words this guy sounds like an asshole and you should be thankful he pushes you away, you need to push him off a cliff and find somebody that completely adores you and will make time for you at all costs.


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