Help. hot guy but also a friend problem?

There is this really hot guy in one of my classes but the problem is he rarely talks to me. I smile and look at him but he doesn't seem to care. I dont mind what he wants , right I am down for a one night stand! ( but I will rather a date ) I am not ugly or anything so how can I get him to make a move without being too direct?

there is also the friend problem , we have a common friend. ( I dont know how close they are but they sometimes sit together and talk etc. ) the thing is that friend likes me , but I really dont like him like that. He will eventually get the hint, I am not worried about that, but how do I make sure this is why my crush is not approaching me? would he care at all? they are not best mates or anything.

The only time my crush ever smiled at me was when he wasn't around so thats why I wondered.


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  • You are in a lose lose situation, because your crush probably wouldn't date you if he knew that his bro was interested in you, and even if you were to reject the friend it won't help. I think your best bet is to "let it slip" that you are crushing on the guy to the mutual friend. just "accidently say some things that would make you crushing on him obvious then the friend is likely to back down and give your crush the green light.

    • oh God. thats awful.=( I dont want to make it obvious as well. what are the ways I could just casually hint at it?

    • a lot of guys get tunnel vision and cannot see any subtle hints when crushing

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