Why won't he let me kiss him?

He used to kiss me all the time on my neck and chest, but now he acts like he doesn't want to kiss me and then after awhile he might brush his lips against mine once . Like he is doing me a favor .

He was kissing me on my neck one time and then he just stopped and put his head on my shoulder . When I asked him what was the matter, he said nothing,and then pulled me close in a bear hug and held me really tight . Since then he won't let me kiss him . I don't understand . I don't stink . Does he really just not like me ?

I am wondering if he has something that he is keeping from me . If he could just be using me for old times sake . I have asked him what is the matter and he says nothing . Now he won't talk to me at all .


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  • There could be a lot of reasons. Do you guys do other physical things ? If the line between you on far you want to go is kissing maybe it's too hard for him to have to stop once he gets started .

    • I have actually thought of that too . That maybe he won't be able to stop himself once he gets started . I really want to take things slow and he is willing to respect me that way, but I think that he would like things to roll along a little faster than they are .

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