I like this shy guy but feels as though he hates me one minute then likes me the next? Why do I feel like this?

He took over 6 weeks to ask me out (we just text constantly) met up he was ultra shy yet talked and the date was good. I thought he didn't like me so I left it-he text me to carry on talking about our date.

Then 2 weeks passed (we texted) he didn't ask me out again so I asked him-he said he had plans. Then I left him alone because I thought that was his way of saying no-then randomly he asks me out-I accept, but two days before our date he cancels and apologises. Now no sign of an actual second date and we hardly text.

I'm so confused by his behaviour he makes me feel as though he hates me. I've been upset for a few days now-its too early to tell him how I feel when he bails all of a sudden. Should I just forget him? I do like him but I don't like what he's doing to me :(


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  • Sometimes guys can send mix signals and play games sometimes. I think you should leave him alone and if he really likes you then he will eventually come back. I think you should give it time and see what happens. Another possibility could be that since you guys texted so much that maybe he doesn't know what to say or text about. But his behavior is odd. I don't think he hates you or anything like that but maybe he doesn't know what to do or say or he has lost interest.

    • I have no idea what to think anymore!

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    • Thanks, I can't invest in someone (even if they're shy) if they make me feel bad. I know it sucks but hey what can you do other than move on?

    • True you are right and make a good point. Shy people you have to wait on them and be patient more. And the problem is how much time and even investing time and energy can be draining and exhausting. True it shouldn't be making you feel bad. And that sucks. Sometimes moving on is the best option and the only option when all else fails.

  • he is probably confused himself, he likes you but doesn't wants to sound clingy either and is scared that if he goes too fast he will ruin it
    The date well im sure he had a genuine reason to cancel it and he will soon make up for it with something big

    • Ok we haven't spoken for a few days now, should I text him first or wait for him?

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    • Listen you just gave me some really good advice which im going to use. Don't knock yourself, Im sure you're exactly what she'd want.

    • nops, i know the guy she craves and i have to pull a lot of strings to keep her from going back to him again and again (she dated him for 4 years on and off and he destroyed her),

      now the guy she is dating is absolutely a darling for her and i know for a fact that he is about to propose and she will accept it

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