The "Honeymoon Period" is over & I miss it?

Me & my ex dated last year but have been seeing each other again for the last few months.

PLEASE DO NOT answer with "dating your ex never works" or anything like that. You don't know our story, or situation, & we didn't break up because of a bad relationship.

Basically, when we were last together we did the honeymoon stage thing, hung out overt second of everyday, whole days in bed, he made so much effort to be with me, sent flowers etc etc.

Now that it's over a year later, we've been friends the whole time & its almost like that stage is done now. We still would spend everyday together (when i was in the country) & sometimes i wouldn't go home for a few days, but no flowers (there was an expensive date though) & he rarely makes too much effort. We never fight, we've had little cranky moments, but not fights.

I'm overseas at the moment. We talk pretty much everyday, but that's mostly me starting it, he's just the type of guy that puts minimal effort in & it bugs me. We have skyped once & he was really loving that & talking for hours. Communicating is just really hard.

I love him to bits & I know he likes me because he's said it many many times. It's not developing as fast as last time because i think he's wary & i think it just as if we have been dating for over a year & now we are less sickening but more comfortable with each other. In some ways I miss it though, just the excitement, the feeling of being so new & special. I don't know what to do?


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  • Do what most women do. Dump him and get into a new relationship.

    Rinse and repeat until the honeymoon stage is no longer a big deal for you anymore, and/or regret the loss of great boyfriends along the way.


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