When im distant and when I dont initiate contact he keeps contacting me?

dating this guy for 4 months and recently he stoped initiating contact and woukd sorta ignore me and wouldn't even ask me out. So yestetday i stopped initiating contact and stopped liking all his fb and instagram posts. Now he's pretty much initiating contact every hour. why is that? Should. i continue not initiating and not liking his fb stuff ao he could at least do some work and show me if he actually cares for me because im tired of chasing :(


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  • Dear God, stop the freaking games and tell him how you feel about him, ask him how he feels about you then go from there

  • I hate stuff like this so much in relationships, it happens on both sides though. I don't get why girls freak out if the boy doesn't initiate contact, but he texts them continuously if they initiate it.

    You just gotta talk to him. Maybe playfully bring up why he doesn't text you first, don't act too serious about it.


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