If you have the capability to hack into government UAVs but cannot get a girlfriend what have you done wrong?

This is a serious question.

The reason I am asking is because it makes me wonder exactly what the value of a person's life is relating to that behavior. Why haven't you made a career out of being a genius hacker or joined the military and used these skills to pilot UAVs legally in order to go track down enemies and kill them without risk of being caught in some horrible mainframe incident?

Why is this skill not productive for you? Now wait, that was a specific example, but it's wider than that. I hear a lot of people cite ways they can be insanely destructive but never hear how they turn this in their favor. Why is it that people don't have these skills working for them? I mean they are angry about something, always, whether it's being single, being unhappy in their job, or just feeling worthless but then they hone these skills and just never use them for their own tangible long-term benefit.

I don't have a theory. I want to know why people who are highly talented waste their talents and then complain about the things that they could change but won't change. That has to be the slowest most painful death there is, no?

My question is very simple: How can you send your proverbial death machine after someone but not have any marketable skills to attract another human? Where did you go wrong? Of all the things in life attracting another person is simple; all you need is perhaps three marketable skills and that's it but instead you get people who have three extreme excuses.

"I'm ugly!" > "I am stylish and seek to dress well."
"I'm shy!" > "I put myself in situations where being approached is likely."
"I'm unimportant" > "I go out and make a name for myself starting small, volunteering perhaps."

Simplest solutions in the world. Will send a UAV to your house tomorrow instead. And this is reality for a lot of people; they complain, take no responsibility for themselves, put forth no effort, but will send death your way long before they change.


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  • Because society sucks. I have no other way to say it. It' more important to be a sports star than a scientist or academic. It's more important (for women) to be the skinniest rather than appreciate their bodies and live a healthy life style. Same goes for men whose body should be ripped with muscle on every inch, rather than just have a healthy lifestyle.

    It's not that your personality is bad, it's not that you aren't a decent looking either, it's that media, (yes we are all guilty), where we get our entertainment, subtly brainwashes us with "what's good" and "what's desirable" There are a few exceptions clearly, but I'm speaking in a very broad and over arching sense.

    I remember I was constantly picked on for being the short, fat, bookworm. High school came around, I dropped weight, grew to be almost 6 foot, and all of a sudden, I was desirable. I pretty much gave them the middle finger. Now being a senior in College, the same bullcrap still exists, of course with the exceptions. People tend to change at some point during their college career. Me studying abroad put aside the hate I had for people in general and now I'm more outgoing.

    Point is mate, blame shitty parenting and a general leftist movement for not teaching at a young age true morals and values on how to recognize the good and bad in life. If you wish to discuss this more, send me a message


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  • Simple.

    Having talent in one area doesn't mean you have talent in another area.

    Being a skilled computer programmer doesn't mean you are skilled in dating, anymore than being able to grow tomatoes means you are skilled in dating.

  • Just because you can take over a UAV, doesn't mean you think it's morally just to go kill people with them. If you have computer security skills, about the worst thing you could do is join the military and kill people. There are far more constructive and meaningful things one can do with their life.