Should I ask him this? Or is it too soon, and what do you think about this? Help please!?

Ok so me and my crush have been talking for about 2 weeks now. He texts me everyday and asks me to hang out pretty often. Whenever we do hangout out we usually smoke then lay on the couch and watch a movie cuddling. But everytime we hang out he likes to touch me (have me lay on him, rubs my butt and feels in between my legs) he's a senior and I'm a sophmore. He knows I'm a Virgin and I know he's not. I'm fine with him doing that as long as it doesn't lead to sex bc I'm not ready and nervous. So everytime he touches me like that I'll rub his hair or something and I feel bad. Should I tell him something like " so do you just want sex " ? Or what? Please help


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  • Of course he wants to have sex. You have no reason to feel bad. You're not ready and he has to respect that.

    • So do you think that's the only thing he wants?

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    • Hmm is a bj harmless? Or would that mean more and make him want sex more? Lol I've never gave one but i can always learn lol

    • It will make him want more

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