Girls, why am I still single?

I am a male and I have been single for a couple of years. I am a big strong guy but am also kind of quiet. I am very hard working and I am a really nice guy. I am a bit shy because of depression. I don't think I am that bad looking but I don't know. Women seem to ignore me. Women hardly ever make eye contact with me or anything. No one ever talks to me. Please help.


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  • It's hard to judge since I don't know you personally, but perhaps people perceive your shyness as "unapproachable," meaning you come off as uninterested or even angry. I'm not saying this is true, but I was very shy for quite a while in school (I still am, even after college) and I suffer from depression and a lot of people admitted to not really wanting to be around me because I always looked disinterested or angry. It's just my face and the fact that I'm very quiet until I warm up to a group of people. The next time you're out and about, just try smiling a little, even if you have to do it to yourself. It sounds silly, but it actually worked for me and people seemed more genuinely interested in speaking with me when they thought I was in a good mood. Try engaging someone else in conversation - mention the weather, if you see a girl wearing a football jersey ask her about the latest game, etc. I know it's hard to be the initiate when you're shy, but it's a must if you'd like to break out of your anonymity shell. Good luck!


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  • Quiet. Stop waiting for people to talk to you. Take some intitative and talk to people.


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