Why are men scared to get attached to a girl?

So there is this guy I have been talking to for past 3 months. He claims he likes me but is scared to get attached and for these reasons he doesn't wanna talk to me on the phone and keep it limited to texting and neither he wants to see me in person. Every now and then he says he is getting addicted to me. I do like him a lot and we text day and night but he's rude at times and blocks me and unblocks me on his iPhone and whatsapp. I told him I like him too but he said he's scared of attachment and he doesn't wanna fall in love because he has seen his friends suffer and he doesn't want that for himself. What do I do now?


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  • this is like a flip-flopped dejavu... btw... Men aren't scared to get attached... this guy is.. get that straight.
    if it makes you feel any better, he's doing you a favor. he has let you know he doesn't want to get attached.. forget the excuse of not wanting to 'fall in love'... he knows well enough that if he gets attached to you, he'll get cold feet and run and you will get hurt. so he's doing you a favor by not starting it in the first place. What you can do? you can stop your advances and friend zone him. he obviously likes and cares for you.. but doesn't want to go forward with it.

    • I did offer him friendship first he was the one who out of no where one day said : don't you see I am so addicted to you! Are you that blind! Blah blah and since then I started liking him lol

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    • So now what? He told me he likes me confessed his feelings then he keeps blocking and unblocking me? It's like he's leading me on then kicking me to the curb

    • more like you keep hoping and then getting disappointed.

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  • Most time the fear is of responsibility and if he can execute it effectively and it's a normal thing for either genders but more for guys :-) All that even if they haven't 'burnt their fingers' earlier

    And like you state watching others' relationships going wrong etc too takes it's toll on a lot of people and they deny a relationship preemptively

  • Not all men are like this
    and this guy in particular seems to be playing you, he probably has a gf or some other girl in life who he adores and is talking to you only because he needs to vent out or play out


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