I'll never be able to overcome my shyness and get a girlfriend?

How can a shy person deal with their problem if they live in a small town where you know literally everybody there? I know everybody in my age group so how can I possibly hope to get a girlfriend? What sucks more is I don't have my license yet so I can't even go to other towns and my friends don't help me at all despite me asking. Everybody I know knows I've never been with anyone and nobody would ever want to be with me anyway, why would they want a shy loser when they have guys who are confident and have had good hands dealt to them in life...


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  • Dude, stop complaining about your own life.

    People like people who like themselves.

    People don't like people who make excuses about their own life and end up hating themselves using these excuses as a cover up.

    If you're looking for a pity party here, you're not gonna get it.

    Be a man, and seek out what you desire. ALL men have a little self doubt here and there, but you CANNOT let this self doubt overcome your life.

    • This coming from someone who probably has it pretty good life... And i'm not looking for pity if i were looking for pity i would say im gonna be alone forever because i dont know anybody... No, my problem is that I DO KNOW EVERYBODY, people already know me and that makes me feel worse and more awkward

    • Well what are you looking for then?

      I'm giving my honest advice on the situation.

      I understand it's hard with women, it's hard meeting a girl where you mutually really want to be with each other. You can't give up though

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  • Turn your life around, move to a bigger city, try online dating sites.


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  • Yep, you're screwed. Oh well.