My new girlfriend is secretive about us in a way... Should I confront her or give her time?

I started dating this girl and it's almost our one month in two weeks. She doesn't really posts pictures of us and she doesn't like showing PDA. Maybe a small kiss and holding hands at max. I still haven't really met her friends. But I did learn that in her other relationship she was very open. However she refuses to talk about her other relationships when I ask. I learned about that because my friend showed me an old account they shared that he found. This is my first serious girlfriend so I'm not sure what to do here. :/
I mean yes she will go to parties, show affection in private, and if people ask her if she's my girl she will say yes. No she's not using me for money.

* two month


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  • It's really hard to say. I am the same way as her just because I'm shy. Do you guys have FB and have a relationship status set on there?

    • I have it on my IG and FB but she doesn't because she says she doesn't want to tell her family yet. I know she isn't shy she's usually really loud so I thought maybe she just doesn't like PDA? Then I saw the old account of her and her ex. A lot of kissing in public pictures. I know its old because she is more fit now.

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    • Wow so strange bc the ex I was telling you about was Filipino! And yes they can be very picky and judgmental, I do believe that because his parents were too. But if you are her boyfriend they are going to have to get used to you. His mom hated me at first and used to just stare me down and swear in Filipino and it was very intimidating, she was very close to him lol. But then she got to know me and we grew VERY close and she was like a mother to me even after the breakup. They just need to meet you and get to know you. She can't just hide you forever. What I would probably do is give her a timeframe. Say she has one more month to sort out whatever she has going on, and after a month or even 2 if you guys feel the need, then you must meet her parents. That way she is getting time and making a promise to you and you can see if she keeps it. Hopefully she would. Two, three months max should be more than enough time. And if after however long you decide to give it she is still

    • Acting like this, I would sit down and have a serious talk and just tell her exactly how you feel. It's absolutely no fair for you to have to be dragged around like this. You have made a commitment to be exclusive and you are public with the relationship. Now it's her turn!

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  • I don't think it's anything to panic about especially since the relationship is fresh. I'm conservative and didn't introduce my now fiance to my family until I felt he was marriage material. And I'm not one for making out in public and crap I just think its high school. So maybe something happened in her other relationship that made her think being so open wasn't the greatest idea since it didn't work out. Who knows since you haven't asked her. My fiance asked me and I told him my beliefs and we compromised on something so the lesson here is try asking what's up..

    • I tried asking about what happened in her other relationship because at times I can feel her draw away and close up so I have to reassure her. But she just refuses to answer or let alone talk about it.

  • tell her you are proud to have her as your girlfriend but that you sometimes doubt she's proud of you, just be up front and honest in a relationship that works the best instead of bottling it up and asking strangers for advice. If you are really serious about her you should be able to talk with her about your feelings honestly.


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  • You just need to relax...

    "I started dating this girl and it's almost our one month in two weeks"

    I've been dating this girl for two weeks.


    • Sorry lol I meant its almost our two month

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