Should I settle for a girl now or keep waiting to find the right girl for me?

I'm a college sophmore and Im confident and social. I'm really well known in campus and I have been obsessed with 2 girls in my entire life. I spent all 4 years chasing a girl in HS and a year and a half chasong a girl in college and moved on from both. I feel lonely and I want a serious relationship but I can't find a girl no matter where i search. I don't want to have sex I never have had sex before and can wait. I want to find a girl I can just talk to, hold in my arms, and be a security blanket when I want to be shy and escape the crazy social life of college. It would be nice to just be able to sit in my apartment with a good girl rather than hit the party scene on weekends with some friends.



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  • Don't ever settle. It's not right for you or her. You will find someone worthy of your love and she will love you back and you'll be glad you waited.

    • I've been telling myself that for 20 years. In just am tired of being alone.

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    • So just decide you won't settle for anyone. Settling is a choice. Being with anybody is a choice. Just don't be with anyone until you're sure that you can give them what they deserve and you really want to be with them.

    • Thanks for most helpful! :)

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  • Find someone you like and see where it takes you. You can't just "settle" with a new somebody right off the bat, it takes time.

    • I really try to find a girl I like but like I said I've only ever have wanted to date 2 girls. Its weird it seems people like me but I want a differint type of fulfilment knowing someone truly cares about me.

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