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I've been out of a long relationship (it was a year and a half) for about two months, but I can't seem to get past it (I'm over him, but I can't seem to get back into the field). I don't necessarily jump into new relationships, but I want to go on a few dates just so I can get back into the game. In the past, it's been relatively easy, because I'm funny and relatively attractive (im not claiming that I'm amazingly pretty, but several boys have said I'm attractive so that's what I'm going off of). The problem is that for some reason, I can't get out of the rut! Some guys have expressed interest, but the few guys I've been talking to have started to fizzle out. What can I do to just get back into the playing field and let people know for sure that I'm single again? Or even just to attract attention from guys? (not in a thirsty way, I just mean like to keep their attention once I have it)


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  • Keep surprising him, Don't tell him everything about yourself in the first few dates - But rather, keep revealing things about you to him, little by little.

    • That's really good advice! I've never thought about that before. Thanks!'

    • That's what I'm here for. Write me any time.

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  • Pick a guy you are attracted to, walk up to him, express your attraction, let him know your intention (that you want him as a bf) then follow through with it...

    • I guess, but at the same time, I find guys my age (17) very immature most guys I am interested in are 18-22 and they are really weird about relationships

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    • True, but in my state, minors are legally allowed to date people over 18 as long as they are 3 or less years apart, so I could date up to 20 legally

    • doesn't matter... its a principle thing. because dating maybe involved but sex is a whole other issue...

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