Does he like me as more than a friend?

so there's this guy at my school who im friends with and fell for. He is friends with me and one of my friends so he comes and eats lunch at out table and always talks to me. This past week we have talked everyday and we have been walking to class together. We usually just talk about random things. Last time I knew he had a girlfriend but she goes to a different school and he never talks about her and his girlfriend has also told my friend that they are more like friends that bf/gf. Well the other day I needed a ride home from school and he offered to take me home. Does he like me or is he just being friendly? I dont think his girlfriend and him are "serious". Should I ask if he wants to come with my friends (who he is friends with as well) and I to go Ice skating or look at Christmas lights?

One of my friends also said that she thinks he likes me.


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  • I see lots of green lights here. Well yes of course this guy likes you because he seeks you out to spend time with in casual conversation, and so you have plenty of room to proceed with confidence. You have the right idea about inviting him to go ice skating and so forth with your group. Meanwhile you can ask his help on things he might know about such as schoolwork, et cetera. You can tell him you want to go somewhere (museum whatnot) but do not want to go alone, can he come too? You can have a Starbucks together. You can invite him to a movie.

    • Thank you! if he is doing this to me does that mean him and his gf aren't serious since he's not the player type?

  • Sounds like he MIGHT just like you as a friend. Your best bet to finding out if he would be interested in dating you is to ask him. Ask him this: "If you weren't dating (insert name) would you date me?" If yes, the answer should be a resounding yes. If no, he will try to word it in a way to not hurt your feeling. In which case, burn that bridge and never bring it back up. Remove your feelings toward him to the best of your abilities and cherish his friendship.


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