Question? What should I do with this girl I'm dating?

So i have been dating this girl for almost 2 months now. Everything was pretty good. We talked 24/7. Latley I've gotten very little chance to see her since were both busy with school and work. One day when we had plans for the movies she stopped texting me. I texted her a couple days laterr to see if she was okay. She said she was she's been going through a lot and has been busy (i know she has she tells me what goes on). She stopped texting me after that. A few days later she texts me on why we haven't talked at all. I told her I've tried talking to her but she said she was busy so i gave her some space. She said she's texted me a few times in one day because i wasn't answering. I didn't recieve any texts from her once so ever. She said she still sent them and thinks i was ignoring her. I told her i dont know i didn't get them it could have been a time where i had no service. She said ok. We changed the subject and started talking like normal but the convo didn't last long since it was late and i fell asleep. I texted her the next morning. No answer (yet she still posts stuff on fb an instagram). I know she's not answring for a reason. Honestly what do i do? I dont wanna overwhelm her with a texts or calls if she's not answering me but then again i dont want her to think im ignoring her. Do you think she's mad? I dont what to do.


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  • If I put on my relationship coaching hat, there's an overarching message here: You must teach people how to treat you.

    You can't read her mind to determine why the sporadic response/communication
    You can only communicate to a degree that's reasonably expected from on person dating another
    If you keep calling just to make the point that you're not ignoring her, you're really teaching her that you're always the initiator and, despite her lack of response, you don't plan on relinquishing that role
    Maybe there's a communication issue with the phones or poor service but in either case, if she was interested, she'd make as much effort to reach out as you're doing--but she's not. To your own admittance.

    Back off and see what happens. If she doesn't text or call--you have your answer. You already know what's going on here, you're just seeking confirmation, which you'll get. What she wants to happen here is for you to call it off so she doesn't have to be the 'bad guy'. Don't call it off, just don't do anything. Waiting is weighting and I get that but consistently putting effort without reciprocation is worse. And it won't help your confidence.


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  • She sounds mad, so I would just send her flowers and take her on a date. I'm sure she would love to feel appreciated, but I wouldn't keep texting her or calling her because yeah, it would overwhelm her. Let her know you still want to see her and be in the relationship.

  • Dude , truth is she's not that into you anymore, i runno that's how I personally do when i wanna push someone away... so what you should do is you should have a serious talk with her whether she wants what you guys have or not , it's not good to stay holding on to someone who doesn't want you...

  • Seems like she's lost interest but doesn't want to b upfront about it


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