How to ask if he'd rather just talk on the phone?

so the guy that i've started dating kind of sucks at texting. usually he really only texts to ask to meet up. after we last hung out (wednesday night), i texted Friday night, and he didn't respond until the next day, when we chatted for a minute, then i texted him tonight, and haven't heard back.

i know this could mean he's not interested, but part of me thinks he flat out sucks at texting. is there any way to ask if he'd prefer to communicate differently?



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  • Just tell him. Guys appreciate it when women tell them what they want. Just make sure to phrase it correctly. Don't say 'Hey, I really wish you call me I'm getting frustrated with these hand cramps', say something like 'You should call me instead. I want to her your voice.'. Whenever you want something from a guy make sure you highlight how it would make you happy, not that it's something you don't like about him.

  • Tell him what you want, or just show him by calling him instead of texting at a good time


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