Day after first date?

I feel like I know the answer. we had a super laid back date. We Went to a hockey game, and we had a lot of fun, and on the way out he put his arm around my waist tightly and guided me through the line, went back to his place and he made me some dinner and we sat at the table and ate, and was talking about how he thinks hed totally get along with my family, we went upstairs and played call of duty for like two hours and then watched his favorite show. I had to leave because I worked in the morning. He told me to text him when I got home to make sure I made it okay and told me to text him my schedule ***, and then he gave me like a huge be a hug and our bodies were firmly against eachother, we were embraced like that for a good 30 seconds and I told him I was crashing and he hugged me even tighter but there was no first kiss. Which is okay because it was our first time hanging out and I didn't want to push it.
But I'm also not used to it.
idk. Thoughts? I texted him my schedule today and he said its gonna be super busy for him this week (he starts work tomorrow after a month of leave from breaking his leg and he has a bunch of stuff he needs to get done since he can move around more) but that we should have a movie night sometime soon.
Guess i just really like this guy. He is 30 and im 23 so it's a given he's more busy then I and we usually text at times throughout the day but today has been slower because he's got so much stuff to catch up on, i dont want to seem needy at all either. Im just confused. Older guys are different but he really seemed super into me yesterday Im just a reserved girl when I first meet someone. Thoughts?

Is it normal though for guys to slow down a bit talking to you after a first date? At the same time in all fairness he does have a lot to get done now that his leg is feeling better and starts work tomorrow.


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  • Definitely likes you.

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