GIRLS: How many of you have asked out a guy?

The title is pretty self-explanatory. How many of you have initiated a date, or at least asked a guy out (even if it didn't result in a date)?

By the way, I am not asking if you asked out your boyfriend or husband.


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  • I asked my ex out, long before we went into a relationship, when were close friends. Now we are best friends, and continue hanging out.

    • Thanks :)
      And good for you. More women need to take the initiative. Then maybe we wouldn't be stigmatized like we are now.

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  • My girlfriend just asked me recently. She asked the question what are we which I'm sure she wanted me to respond your my girlfriend.


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  • I've incited it within my relationship.

    • Not what I was asking, but thanks anyway. :)
      By the way, I think you mean "initiated?" The word "incited" doesn't really work in this context.

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    • Oh. Sorry. Hope I didn't come off as pretentious. I didn't mean to! :)

    • No it's fine.

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