Trying to get a without being to pushy?

On Saturday me and few friends went out to eat and watch a movie. went to red robin and thought the server was cute. So I le my number and she texted me an hour later. Talked a little and asked her to come hangout. She came over we had a fire we talked and had a lot of fun. She texted me and said she made it home. Told her goodnight said she was welcome to come over Sunday to watch football. She had to work. Texted her today saying hope she's having a good day. Maybe we can hangout again. She said hope I'm having a great day too. Said she had fun. And said I'm sure we will hang out again. Thats the last I heard from her. I like her and don't wanna be pushy and keep texting her. Should I wait for her to contact me Or is she just trying to let me down easy. I can't really figure out if this girl likes me.

And we hugged at the end of the night


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  • Yeaaa if you've texted her and she hasn't responded yet please don't text her the same day. That's my biggest pet peeve. It comes off as desperate to me and then I start wondering if you have a job since you hope so much time to text me lol. Anyways if she hasn't replied she's either busy, working, or 'just not that into you'.

  • You hugged her. You're not hearing from her. Hug~friends. Kiss~not friends.


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