Why is he trying to hang out with me?

I think he has a girlfriend, I am not sure, but I made myself clear that I am not the booty call type and I have been ignoring him for quite some time now. He called my house phone, and my mother picked up and he was talking to my mother saying how me and mother and father, and my brother should go out, and he said "I have been trying to go out with you guys for over a year now" Then he said "Are we going out this weekend? Is Sara coming?" My mom said "Of course! She's 21" He said "She's 21? I never knew that! If I would have known, I would have taken her out for drinks" When he damn well knows I am 21, I don't know what kind of weird head game that is, but it seems he is trying to go out with me and is using my parents as a way to go out with me.

I don't get it because I already told him I am not the booty call type, and I have been ignoring him and not talking to him. So why does he keep trying to hang out with me then? Is it just an innocent hang out? Or is he trying to hook up with me?


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  • 1. If you are having doubts about if it's an innocent thing or he's trying to hook up with you, I'd like to know why and when did the situation come up that you mentioned to him that you are not the booty call types - answer that and we can opine better :-)
    2. He's sure interested in you in some way but like a lot of others scared of rejection and is intimidated which is why like the others he's hanging around your family in a bid to be with you :-)
    3. Ignore someone who's interested in you but he still has access to you &/or your parents, work place, friends circle etc he's bound to keep buzzing around - can't help it unless you do something really drastic about it THAT unless you want him to hang around even if just out of curiosity :-D
    3. One basic thing about most guys which is: Beautiful girl + Confident + Smiling all the while + Attractive Body + Mingles around & speaks freely with guys + Kind hearted / helpful = even if not easy to acquire chances are good (and will continue to persist even if pushed away UNLESS the push is real hard & intimidating enough) - my girl's that way and so are a few friends of mine, I keep dealing with these all the time lol

    • Well when I did see him, he tried asking me out and I said to him "I am not the booty call type, so I won't go out with you" I was basically letting him know that I am not rejecting him because I straight up don't like him, I was letting him know I like him basically, but he wants something different, so I won't subject myself to that. Then I started to ignore him, and not talk to him. He has been doing things to get under my skin, I noticed, and he's not all the time calling my house phone, but he showed up unexpectedly like 3 weeks ago, and he seems to be conversing with my mother a lot, and my father. Through Facebook, and through phone it seems. It's hard for me to be the drastic person, but something has got to give! Lol, and thank you so much Raj! And sorry you and your girl have to deal with similar situations it sucks!

    • Young lady for a character who probably wants sex from you, you telling him that you like him but won't settle just for sex with him; have created a paradox for him lol

      Pitfall of such a thing is that at times the guy may feign feelings to get what he wants and if he's not able to wrest free when he wants to then he may resort to sexual infidelity :-)

      His ego is clearly bruised and ofcourse he's trying to find ways and means to get under your skin and pants (pardon the expression)

      While you're most welcome beautiful girl, don't worry about me I'm more a threat to any of those losers than they can ever be to me and they all know that lol

    • Thank you beautiful girl for making my day with your MH shower again :-D you are not just beautiful but also a very kind girl. GAG has taken out the option of sorting our feed by those that we follow (& while I was expecting GAG to add the feed of those that follow us too lol) making it a process again to check on a profile and click on questions lol

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  • I'm sorry to say this but you have a stalker in your hands.

  • lol sure why not, go out with him. He's probably a nice and awkward guy.

    • Lmfao. Well I don't know what his intentions are and I thoughts maybe you guys would be better at calculating his intentions even though you don't know him, but I don't know. Does it seem like he just wants to get me drunk and take advantage of me? Haha, or does it seem innocent? Lol, thanks!!

  • and the saga continues!

    • What do you mean? lol.

    • i enjoy reading your questions of all these encounters ect. why guys just wnana commit a hit and run to this guy that might be interested and you're such a down to earth hard working responsible woman lol hard to forget a pretty face.

    • Lol, thank you! Most of the time it's just boredom! Haha. But yeah all I deal with are Douche bags haha.

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