Met a guy online during a holiday trip. Do I go back?

I met this guy online while I was on a holiday trip. He is an expat working on a contract. We decided to meet at a cafe and stroll around the area. He invited me over his condo because it was too chilly outside. He lighted some candles and offered a back rub and blanket which was really sweet when we reached his place. We started making out, things heated up and we had an amazing sex. He then told me he's going to grab something from the store down the street from his apartment and asked me to come along with. He insisted I could wear his sweatpants after shower to the store.

He cooked dinner and we watched a movie. We started making out again and had another amazing sex. He asked if I wanted to sleep over and I agreed. We spooned, cuddled like we've known each other for a long time. He totally made me feel so comfortable with him.

He told me he has to go to work early but I can stay and he showed me the keys to his apartment. We woke up and had another amazing sex and told me he doesn't want me to leave. He knew I would be staying in the country for only a week and I was leaving in 3 days. We had sex until he had to get up and prepare for work. Kissed me on my forehead before he left.

Left his apartment around 9am and he messaged me if I had a good sleep. Asked him what was his plan for the day and he told me he has dinner plans with his colleagues. I told him to have fun though I wanted to spend more time with him bec I know I'm leaving soon. We never had the chance to see each other again before I left the country. Considered extending my trip.

Last night he messaged me to come back with a sad face. Replied I'll try to go back. He's only staying in the country for 2mos. I told him I miss his smile and he told me he misses me. He hasn't messaged me again today.

What does this mean? Does he really want to be with me again or he's just missing the sex? I wasn't prepared to feel this way over a casual sex. I haven't been with someone for a long time.

Is it worth taking the trip back? I'm considering it. Can't stop thinking about him.


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  • Crazy sex hormones + meeting someone on best behaviour :)

    It's entirely possible that after getting to know each other a bit better, you'll find you're not such great matches. OTOH, you might find that you are.

    That said, if you can afford the trip back and want another week of awesome sex and fun hanging out... At the worst, you get great memories and a source of writing sad poetry.

    • I know. It was totally unexpected but I can't deny our chemistry. Being with him felt so natural. OTOH, I agree with you that it would only makes moving on more difficult. Sigh. It has been more than a week and I think I would just treasure the crazy sexy holiday hookup I had. :)

    • FWIW, my brother hooked up with this cute girl on a vacation some years ago. They found they kept compulsively talking with each other (they were only a few states away, tho). 14 years on, and they're still happily committed.

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  • Duh of course he likes you. Make plans! Don't leave it up to him to message u all the time.

  • Take your chances and take the trip back.

  • It's was a fling. Jsut leave it at that

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