Text relationsh*t. :( Where did it go wrong? How do I fix it? Can I?

I was the new girl at a school full of snobs. That summer I went friendless. Then suddenly there was a picture I received from some random number, and surprisingly the picture was of me with a caption that says my name in all caps with an explanation mark. I would later find out that a guy named Chris had stolen a girls phone who had the pic of me on it and sent it to himself, then of course sending it to me. This was the start of everything.

That summer and all of the next year we would flirt and laugh like crazy. Best friends (who like each other)

Before I knew it he would text me one night and say "Love you night."

BANG. He asked me out and wha-lah

I was so crazy about him (still am)

I was also VERY shy. I realize now that I expected too much out of him. it seemed as though he lost effort in talking to me, he would avoid sitting with me at lunch, but talk to me in class.Though we never really talked one on one at school we always found ourselves looking at each other.

Then just as suddenly as he was there through 3 months he dumped me...over a text message saying "i can tell you don't communicate with me I'm sorry but I think we should break up"

i was crushed I wouldn't look at him anymore with time I eased a little, he tried to get my attention once by blocking a doorway I had to go through ...a year has passed now. I'm at a different school around different people..and I miss him. I can't get him out of my head.

i never had any closer. His phone has called me more than once in the last month and every time I text him asking if he called he says "no" then I said oh it must be butt dial..and he never says anything else. no closer. Again.

Then on Facebook he comments a pic of mine and asks what my new nickname is. I answered..its been a week or so. nothing.

I'M GOINg CRAZY! please help me

he likes me he likes me not...


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  • You want the longer version or the short one?

    Since I'm at work and already spent more than 30 mins on this site it's unfortunate but you'll just get the short version, if you want more, leave a comment ;)

    I think he's not worth the trouble. If he were to really like you, he wouldn't have busted it in the first place and second to that he would put up more effort into getting back at you.

    Not for you it's hard to get over him since he is one one way trying to get into contact with you. Just tell him to stop trying to get in contact with you. Tell him to either make up his min or... bluntly said ... to f*ck off :ß

    • I told him right after we broke up to back off and he did for awhile, but then I felt bad because I thought I was being mean so I just let it go (and I really wanted to talk to him)...i think your right about the whole contact thing...i guess I'm just going to have to let go. :(

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