What type of girls would guys find the most attractive?

Do a rankinng like

1) girls who smell good

2) girls who have brown hair


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  • 1. Natural Dark Skin.
    2. Pretty eyes
    3. Great smile.
    4. Happy.
    5. Homebuddy
    6. Loves Dogs
    7. Goes to church
    8. Curvy body.
    9. Flat stomach.
    10. Does not lie.
    11. Intelligent
    12. Not a cheater, and has never cheated.
    13. Has a decent taste in clothes.
    14. Doesn't dress to the T all the time.
    15. Would rather stay in than go to the bars.
    16. Likes anime.
    17. Decent libido
    18. A good family background, or at least a functioning one.
    19. Does not yell.
    20. Likes to talk things through.
    21. Understanding.
    22. Empathetic
    23. Has a good, or steady job
    24. Independent, but willing to be dependent as well to a degree.


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  • I'll order them in terms of things that stand out to me the most.
    No one person can have all of these features.

    1.) Super tiny waist and wide hips.
    2.) Freckles
    3.) A square jaw
    4.) Red hair
    5.) Evenly toned hair (no ombre)
    6.) Hair and skin are the same colour
    7.) Big eyes
    8.) Squinty eyes
    9.) Long neck
    10.) Smells lovely
    11.) Nice teeth
    12.) Doesn't smoke
    13.) Doesn't drink

  • 1) girls who smell like canned sausages
    2) girls with electric blue hair

  • 1) Long Blond Hair
    2) Pretty eyes
    3) Not Afraid to get her hands dirty
    4) Humorous
    5) No smoke
    6) Not visible hair on their arms ( I am creeped out by it, maybe weird but true )
    7) Short (Im 6,3 (190cm). Most comfortable with girls that are around 5-2-5.4 (160-165cm)
    8) A realy good smile
    9) Not fat
    10) Never lies

  • A girls who smells good by body odour not perfumer, as far as hair colour I don't care as long as it's her natural hair colour - I do however have a ting for natural redheads, but that's a personal thing.

    • you know that was an example, rite? Your OWN opinion, I mean

    • Well essentially:

      1. Face
      2 . Eyes
      3. Personality

      They are all make or break

      The rest is of less importance.

    • thanks

  • I can't make a ranking, because it solely depends on the person itself and not on single factors.

    • Oh i know, but for an example... It also counts for the personality tho

  • Personality wise - intellectual, confident, discreet but not shy, sassy, witty and not afraid to just be herself

    Look wise - body with an hour glass shape for me is a must, the rest as long as I'm attracted to her, it doesn't really matter.


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