Am I wrong or not for telling him that?

Thia guy and have been talking but he don't make us official it's like he don't want me to talk to anyone else but he can. Like he acts like my bf but than he don't. Sooo, I told him that we can continue have sex but thats it , like I dont wanna cuddle after or talk to you on the phone into 3am.

I just feel a blah because we are so close and I only trust him , he's my best friend and I dont want to lose him. I just dont want him to talk me for granted or go and fuck some random because we're not technical together.

Am I wrong for tell him that?


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  • No, i dont think you are wrong, you can't be wrong if you are listening to your heart. If you really like someone than you just dont want to share that person, and that has nothing to do with being jealous, thats just the way it is. the only person i want to be around with, is the girl that i love, i couldnt care less about the world around me. i think you did the right thing, sometimes it needs the truth to open up someones eyes. i always say this, wthout arguments, there can't be any solutions.

  • Not at all.


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