Ladies, your ultimate date!?

We've been dating a few months now and her birthday is coming up... I asked her what she wanted and her reply was a date. She wants me to take her on the ultimate date... needless to say I'm pretty unimaginative and have no ideas where to take her...

So I'm here fishing for ideas... ladies, what's your ultimate date?


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  • Do u kno her well enough to kno what she enjoys? if u kno she enjoys nature.. maybe spend the day with her if not possible the day before or after.. drinks movie a night out on the beach amd who knows if ur both up for it a little lovin


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  • Three parter:

    1. Taking note of what she likes aesthetically you personalize a gift whether it's some old school CD collage or a newfangled digital media presentation. In essence handmade with effort is great.

    2. Taking note of what she likes physically you bring her to an area with lots of games. If she's competitive all the better. If she's cooperative be sure to play cooperative games. Basically an arcade or other activity space. You can also learn a lot about her there

    3. Taking note of what she enjoys to eat you feed her eats.

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