Is Fatalistic Thinking Good For You?

Fatalistic speech and thought seems to be very common in global society. A fatalistic statement is one that produces a theoretical standard which has no evidence, for instance "I will get an A on this test." You may not get an A on that test. What makes that statement fatalistic is the word "will", specifically the deterministic nature of the word, versus saying "There is a good chance I will get an A."

Also the follow up questions to fatalistic statements are very different. "I will" statements are followed by questions of knowledge, such as "How do you know?", while "I may" statements are followed by questions of reasoning such as "Why do think so?"

Finally disappointment levels are much higher in fatalistic thought and speech. Using that test if student 1, who declared that they will get an A, gets an -A and student 2 who stated they would do their best gets an -A the reactions will be very different. 1 will be shattered and 2 will be much happier.

In dating a lot of fatalistic language (always, never, will, won't, should, should not, can, cannot, etc.) is used to the detriment of the user. It isn't "Why am I having trouble partnering up?" it's "Why can't I find a partner?"; the phrasing of that question is immensely important particularly because one puts the onus and responsibility on the asker and the other rejects the responsibility instead breaking it down to a segmented set of traits.

While I believe this to be a cause of modern global educational systems and systemic logical teaching patterns people talk about other people as if they are applying for jobs instead of trying to date. "I am [quality1], [quality2], [quality3], ..." is the general format instead of say "I want someone who would like [personality] with [skills] and [qualities] = (me)".



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