Could u date a girl who use to date your best friend?

U have been going out with your gf for 3 years now. And u see your ex best friend who really did u dirty and he comes up and hugs her would u break up with her if she never knew u guys were best friends and she told u he was her first everything bt she is in love with u?

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  • Nops. Bro Code says never date an ex of a friend, it creates an air of awkwardness plus the girl will bring with her a lot of knowledge about the guy which will definitely ruin the friendship

    • Bt she didn't know they were friends :) bt I totally understand your opinion.

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    • True bt You guys aren't best friends anymore and haven't been for years and the guy did u dirty.

    • that gives me even more reasons not to get involved with that girl. It will only bring up dirt from the past and beefs get bigger when u r dating an ex friends ex girlfriend

  • I would date a girl who was dating my best friend it wouldn't matter as
    long as she's clean with being disease-free that's all matters

  • It would be strange to be honest, but why judge? As long as we care about each other I'll stick with her

  • I wouldn't bother.

    • So u would break up with her?

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    • Why? She didn't know :)

    • Ignorance is not a defense.

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