If he responds to my message but doesn't ask a question, does he not want to conversation to continue? Do I message him again?

I've noticed this in multiple parts of my dating life.

For instance, I met a guy this weekend volunteering and we got along well. We added each other on Facebook and I sent him a message. He responded but didn't ask me any questions. Does this mean that he doesn't want to talk more? Should I message him with a question to continue the conversation? Or am I just forcing it and he is being polite?

Or, I'll be messaging with a guy I met on OkCupid (before we meet in person) and I'll ask questions and he responds to my questions but doesn't ask any back. If I respond to him with more questions the same will happen again. It seems like he doesn't care to get to know me, but then why is he responding?


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  • The guy is so desperate for company, he doesn't ask any questions. Whatever your hobbies, pet peeves, or relationship history you have, all he wants is the doggone date!

    • You have to ask yourself if it's worth your time to contact him again!

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