How do I get him to forgive me or talk to him again?

I started talking to this guy back in August. I know he is broken. He told me he was depressed, has anxiety, and has trust issues because 3 of his serious girlfriends cheated on him in the past. He said he likes me. His friend said he likes me. AND I LIKE HIM A LOT.

Few months later, he told me he felt like I was pressuring him so much. I send him good morning texts, asks him how he is doing, and send him sweet messages. He said he wanted to take it slow like we're a little more than friends but not like we're officially together.

I said okay but I still kept on texting/calling him regularly so I guess he thinks I'm trying to move fast. But honestly, I was just trying to spend time with him (i. e. see him once a week) and get to know him more.

One night, I called him with a blocked number and he actually picked up his phone but wouldn't pick up when I called him without a blocked call. He knew it was me and blew up at me. He told me to never talk to him again. He also said that he hopes he'd die soon. I was frustrated and wanted to fix things so I went over his house without telling him. He's not a text/call/phone person. He was so angry at me and yelled at me to leave. He blocked my fb, snapchat, and number.
Eventually, he unblocked my number but I don't know why? He still doesn't want to talk to me. I told him I cared about him a lot and I miss him. He still tells me he doesn't want to talk to me. And he said he has a girlfriend now. I know he's lying. I doubt he has another girlfriend. We haven't seen each other for a month. I miss him so much. How do I get him to talk to me again?

Please help me get him back. I like him a lot. I'm not the type to cheat or hurt any guy so why can't he see this? I told him I would take it slow and let him take his time.

I'm so heartbroken. Please help! what should i do?

I sent him a message after reading dons220's message. I hope he does take me back.


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  • It sounds like you went at him way too hard. The blocked number call and the going to his house were too much. He sounds like an introvert and pushing an introvert to interact with you more does not help your cause. We get tired from interacting with people. It literally takes away our energy to do things and if your being pushy with someone like that you will only annoy them.

    And going to house uninvited was a terrible idea. His home is probably the one place he knows he can go without having to deal with other people and then you just show up and shatter the perceived sanctuary of his home.

    I understand you are worried about him and there is nothing wrong with that. But you need to back off. If I were you I would just get one more message to him apologizing for bothering him so much, but also just make it clear that you only wanted to get to know him and try to understand him because you care about him. Say that you won't try to unecessarily bother him again and that you will respect his wishes. But tell him you are willing to be there for him if he needs you.

    Then drop any expectation you might have that he will change his mind and move on. If he wants you in his life he will make sure you're in it. If he really doesn't, then he won't and you need to get back to doing you.

    • Unfortunately, he texted me in the morning telling me that he hates me and never ever talki to him again. I am so heartbroken. Why doesn't he listen to me? I cared for him... :(

      I don't know how to move on. It hurts so much

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    • I tried not to call or text him for 2 days. I decided to call again. I keep trying to explain to him that I only came over with good intentions to see if he's okay. He keeps calling me crazy/psycho. Why can't he calm down or see that I'm truly sorry for what I've done?

      I feel like he's making me do crazy things and I can't control it. It's so hard :(

      I only meant well.

    • You need to stop right now, get some control over yourself. Delete his number, move on and stop going after rejection. This particular male does not want you. Accept that as a fact of life and stop wasting your time and energy.

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  • Move on! These people drag you down with them, if they need you to be happy (but only if you behave according to their expectations) then that's no way to live. You can't shoulder the responsibility for other people's problems. He sounds volatile and crazy, right now all the attention is on him which is what he wants... etc etc. There are more red flags there than in China!


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  • You've crossed a line. I realise that you must care about this boy very much. I realise that you don't want anything bad to happen to him. But you need to realise that when people want space, they mean it. You should stop. Stop messaging. Stop calling. Stop visiting. Just give him some space.