First date advice for an inexperienced lass?

I'm going on a date with a guy I have mutual friends with so I don't wanna mess up. We're going to dinner and drinks I think. I've only kissed someone once before and I was drunk in a club and he kinda forced it.

So help would be great. Do's and don't and stuff like that. Worried I'm gonna get all nervous and act off with him. Or that he'll freak out when he realises I don't know how to kiss.

Help me? :D


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  • I had my first date recently too. I was just my awkward self lol. Don't try too hard. Wear something that makes you look and feel great.

    One thing I learned the hard way: never stay with a guy who pushes your boundaries. If you see any sign of that with this guy dump him immediately. Wish I knew that before dating.

    Most guys are good and won't manipualte or push you but in the off chance you end up with a jerk like I did you should be careful.

    • okay thank you :) how was he a jerk? i'm sorry to hear that

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    • Good luck and have a good time! I got really unlucky so I don't want you to be paranoid but it's something important to watch for

    • Thank you! Yeah it sounds like it but awareness is good so thanks

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  • hahahaha don't worry too much about it. just have fun, your life won't end if you have a bad date. you will still have a family that loves & adores you even if your date goes wrong... :)

    • true. I think eeryones sying I should just not put pressure on it :)

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    • yeah true! worst case scenario is i'll have some nice food haha

    • and a nice fart to complement that food hahahaah :P

  • Don't, be something you're not because then they'll expect that and do, be yourself

    • thanks :)

    • Also, make sure you have some subject to bring up, just incase the conversation get a little dry. Good luck!

    • thank you! :)

  • Do be yourself don't stress do have fun

  • 5 Do and Do not:

    1. Laugh at his stupid jokes
    2. Listen to his boring stories
    3. Tell him how handsome he is
    4. Eat like a dainty princess
    5. Lock eyes

    1. Check your phone
    2. Check your Twitter
    3. Check your Facebook
    4. Yawn excessively
    5. "poot"

    • thanks man! what's poot mean? im sooo bad at eye contact when i'm nervous!

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    • Just enjoy yourself.

    • thnx :D

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