Anybody else have problems getting a date from girls that only want to text?

Let me explain.

I have had two girlfriends since texts became unlimited for most phone companies. This happened like 8 years ago right?

Since then, I have had a girlfriend for 3 years, a loong break, and then almost two years. Both of these girls were through mutual friends.

So before around 8 years ago, texts plans cost more money, and people didn't use them as much. I now realized, that in this past 8 years, I have gotten so many phone numbers from girls I met at places casually. Maybe around 30-40. Nowadays, girls seem to only want to text, it took me a little to figure that out first.

So I think my dating life took a huge drop as soon as the whole millennial texting all the time/texting only thing happened. I just don't get how to get a date/flirt via text, so it always fails for me.

Does anybody else have this problem?


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  • It means they're not interested and never was. Texting isn't even a factor

    • So how do you explain most of the girls going on a date with me before texting was the thing?
      I am not saying that the girls that prefer to text do not like me, I am saying I have been doing badly ever since texting was the main way girls communicated.

What Guys Said 1

  • I feel your pain bro.

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