Making it work again with the ex?

Had a great Saturday night and Sunday with my guy and then I haven't heard from him in 2 days. We were hot and heavy for 4 months then things cooled (he did the distance thing) and we split now we are seeing each other again but slowly. Am I handling this right by waiting to hear from him or should I send him a message and say hello? I really want this to work out and have no problem letting someone have their space I need my time as well. But how much time is suitable?

He did text last night and I let him know I was out with friends- I'm by no means sitting around waiting for his calls/texts. He asked me to let his dog out tonight I said sure and would at 5 cause I was meeting people for dinner at 630 (which is very true). I'm not sure if this is acting cool enough but I hope so. I guess I could have said no about the dog, but too late now.


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  • Honestly? If you're having to ask this and having to wait for him to get in contact (and if he did the distance thing) then it doesn't look good. If a guy knows he calling the shots he'll quickly lose interest. In my experience the only way to totally turn this around (if you're sure you want to!) is to act very, very cool. Guys do all the work when their heart's in it. Hope that helps! x

    • Thank you for your response I know I need to be cool which is why I've been going out just as I did before he and I dated. (see my update). As I said I really want this to work out we both got spooked at the start it went whirlwind fast which we are both to blame. He distanced I ran thats as plain as I can put it. :(

    • Good work. Hope it goes well! P. S. Even cooler! No dog letting out, no jobs for him, sometimes don't even pick up when he calls. It's not forever, just to make him realise what he's got ;)

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