How do you be a sugar baby?

I haven't been out on a date since February I was dating a guy for six months but it ended and my heart was crushed four months ago. Recently this guy asked me to go out with him said he was looking for a sugar baby. Im not really ready to be emotionally committed. Im still trying to get over this other guy but i really could use something to take my mind off him. So how do you be a sugar baby?


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  • Sugar Babies are girls who trade sex for "stuff and attention" with their Sugar Daddy. It's essentially prostitution, but there is a thin veneer of deniability because the guy doesn't give the girl straight cash, but rather buys her stuff, takes her places, and perhaps pays her bills, but in the end, it's really prostitution.

    Now, if you're okay with that, so am I - just understand what you're talking about before you make a decision.

    Also, realize that most girls can't have casual sexual relationships - they get emotionally attached, and then get hurt when the guy doesn't get emotionally attached. This guy is NOT looking for a relationship, and 6 months into the relationship, when you've been enjoying spending all that time with him and having sex with him and have figured out that you've fallen for him (which breaks the rules), you'll expect that he'll have fallen for you, but he probably won't, because he'll be perfectly happy with the casual relationship you have, and won't want or need anything more.

    Further, Sugar Babies often spend a LOT of time waiting for their Sugar Daddy to be available. If he has the money to really spoil you, then it's likely he'll be working a LOT, but he'll still want you around at his beck and call, so you'll be sitting around watching TV or reading Facebook waiting for him to get home or be done with his business.

    And because he isn't giving you cash, it's not like you'll have been earning money all that time. When it's over, you'll have a bunch of clothes and stuff, but you'll still be broke, and you won't really be in a better position than you are now.

    So, again, go into this with your eyes fully open. Understand exactly what you can expect to get, and what you can expect to NEVER get, and make sure you're REALLY okay with that.


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  • Santa Claus for horny little girls. Be a good girl and Santa will bring you what you want. It will be Christmas every week.

  • give him money and a place to live and he gives you sex? I think that must be the inverted sugar daddy aka Gigolo

  • He spoils you in exchange for companionship. It might or might not include sex.

  • You want shit. He buys shit. Easy.

    • It doesn't seem weird to you?

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    • He says he's to busy for a relationship. And just wants someone to spoil

    • I'd take the opportunity.

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